Meet Nellie – Student Success!

When Nellie first thought about becoming a student it made her nervous. Having grown up in a broken home and learning to read at age 10, Nellie didn鈥檛 have the confidence to put herself out there. At the advice of her psychologist, who thought connections and social inclusion in the classroom would help Nellie, she decided to take the next step and enrol in a short course. Nellie studied a with 藏花阁直播 in 2021. She was frightened at first, worried about how she would cope in the classroom.

Nellie did initially well in her literacy and numeracy testing and was accepted into the course. She had done computer studies in high school but otherwise had little experience with computing. As the course continued, with disruption from Covid, Nellie found more inner strength and learned she could cope in the classroom. She was supported by her trainer Cindy and 藏花阁直播 Student Support, and the classroom became a comfortable, safe environment. The rooms felt homely. Slowly, Nellie gained confidence and became less shy. The consistency and stability 藏花阁直播 provided helped Nellie to come out of her shell and become a valued member of the class.

Nellie’s main goal was to help herself make a change while she nurtured her passion for helping others. Eventually, she would like to help other children who are experiencing a troubled home life to get the help she didn鈥檛 receive. Picked on at school, Nellie left after year 10. She felt no one could get her potential to come out and always felt frightened around others.

Now, successfully having completed the course and gaining a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, Nellie feels ready to branch out even more. She is on the lookout for more short courses she could do, and eventually would like to study counseling. 藏花阁直播 is so proud of Nellie and how far she has come as a student and a person, despite many obstacles throughout her life. We wish her all the best in her future studies and hope to support her further at 藏花阁直播.

藏花阁直播 Student Nellie

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