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This kit is used to practice welding the patch components, and has the function of a running light after the correct welding is completed; it can also be used as a millimeter scale. The practice area on the right side of the board can be used for practicing, including resistors in 0805, 0603 packages, diodes in 1 206 packages, triodes in S0T-23 packages, and LED lights in 0805 packages.
After soldering, the above electronic components can basically grasp the method of soldering patch components. The acceptance area on the right side of the board is a design of a running light circuit. It is used to test the proficiency of your own welding. You can observe the integrity and integrity of the welding, whether the welding has a complete running light display effect, or there are individual problems. In order to score, understand the ability to solder patch components yourself. It is very suitable for novices to perform patch welding exercises and school students for manual training.
1. PCB board, suitable for carrying.
2. The commonly used patch components are used.
3. There are practice area and acceptance area. The left practice area can be used for getting started exercises, and the right acceptance area can be used for acceptance and scoring.
4. The circuit in the acceptance area on the right is a flow lamp circuit composed of CD4017, NE555, and light-emitting diodes.
5. The name, class, and score can be written on the board for easy identification and acceptance.
6. There are welding tips and millimeter scales on the back for easy welding and measurement.
Working voltage: 3-4.5v
Board size: 7.2cmx6.0cmx1.6cm
Weight: 15g
Package includes:
1 x Welding Practice Training Board Kit

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