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Kit Name: Flash Rotating Music Christmas Tree
Working voltage: DC4-5.5V
Power supply interface: DC005 (5.5 * 2.1), shipped with USB adapter cable, can be powered by USB port of charger, power bank, computer.
Function: The base has 18 5MM white-blue LEDs to achieve the breathing light effect, and the Christmas tree is 3MM colorful LEDs to achieve the flashing light. A passive buzzer was used for playback, and ToAlice was played.
PCB board size: 6cm * 13.5cm.
Product size after preparation: 9 cm (height) * 6.2 cm * 6.2 cm
The kits and parts are delivered unassembled, you need to solder and assemble yourself, please pay attention.
Did not have instruction, please refer to Schematic.

Package included:

1 x Christmas tree A board
1 x Christmas tree B plate
1 x Rotate the upper PCB board
1 x Rotating PCB board
1 x Swivel base PCB board
4 x M3 * 25 double pass copper post
5 x M3 * 10 double pass copper post
6 x M3 * 10 screw
15 x M3 * 6 screw
4 x M3 nut
20 x 5MM LED white hair blue
40 x 3MM LED colorful
10 x 22UF 25V electrolytic capacitors
7 x 9014 Triode
2 x 8050 Triode
10 x 47K resistor
8 x 100Ohm resistor
1 x 100K resistor
1 x 30K resistor
1 x 20K adjustable resistance horizontal
1 x BJ1522 Music IC
1 x 104 ceramic capacitor
1 x 8P IC Block
1 x LM358 chip
1 x Passive buzzer
1 x Geared motor
1 x DC005 Block
1x DC005 line
3 x Small spring

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