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Kit Brand: EQKIT
Package Name: Sound & Light Control Delay Light & Sound Control Melody Light
Kit model: SCL-8
Operating voltage: 5V (kit includes USB power cable)
Working current: 130mA
Delay time: about 20 seconds
PCB size: 59.4 * 45mm


The product has two working states, which are switched by S1 switch.
1. Sound and light control delay lamp
When there is no light or the light is very dark, 8 LED lights can be lit with sound; after a delay of 20 seconds, the LED will automatically turn off.
2. Voice Controlled Melody Light
Placed close to the speaker, 8 LED lights will flash with the sound of music. (This function is not affected by light)

Package included:

1 x Sound and Light Control Delay Light DIY Kit

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