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Melody audible, visual music!
Five-point LED audio level indicator kit
This package LED indication logarithmic 5:00 KA2284 integrated circuits as the core,  which is characterized as follows:
1. Constant current output
2. a wide operating voltage (3.5V–12V)
3. The ALC circuit without telescoped diode or transistor
4. Brightness level in amplitude can be adjusted
5.Chips : KA2284
6.PCB Board Size : 40 * 19mm
7.This is an Electronic DIY KIT that utilizes the KA2284, some soldering experience is required.  The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is provided with the DIY KIT and it needs to be soldered, hence the name DIY KIT.  All required electronic parts are provided, please refer to the images for more details. All resistors are 0.25w metal film ,The image is for illustration .  

Package included:

3 X PCB Board (color will be shipped out by randomly )   
6 X XH2.54-2P Curve connectors  
6 X XH2.54-2P Line
3 X 100R  Metal Film Resistor
3 X 10KR Metal Film resistor
3 X 2.2UF
3 X 10UF
3 X Blue & white Potentiometer  
3 X KA2284
15 X 5mm diffused green
3 X 5mm diffused RED

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