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DC Power Supply Voltage:4.5V-5.5V
Operating Temperature : -40- 85 °C 
IO Drive : Sink Current (Low level drive) 20mA,source current(High level drive) 270uA 
16 Channel selectable high and low level output. 
8 kinds of Mode selection
PCB Size : 50 x 20 mm
This decoding module is for fixed telephone voice dialing decoding function , has 16 channels, 8 kinds of selectable output function, and leads to STD signal to use as a microcontroller interrupt signal, very convenient to embed all kinds for fixed telephoneremote remote control, remote control decoding key value. 12 channels outputs decode fixed telephone keys (0-9, * #).Another 4 channels output(ABCD) can use ‘DTMF Dial’ Software control.
Package Included: 
10 x 16 Channel DTMF Decoder Module
10 x Male to Male Audio Cable (3.5mm jack )

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