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This is an I/O expansion kit designed for Raspberry Pi, which provides 5 sets of 2×20 pinheaders, that means a handy way to ‘stack’ multi different HATs together, and use them as a specific combination / project.


Standard Raspberry Pi connectivity, directly pluggable OR through ribbon cable
5 sets of 2×20 pinheaders, connect multi HATs together
USB external power port, provides enough power supply for multi HATs
Clear and descriptive pin labels for easy use
Reserved jumper pads on the bottom side, pin connections are changeable by soldering, to avoid pin conflicts

Note: make sure there are no any pin conflicts between the HATs you want to use together before connecting.


Dimension: 183mm × 65mm
Mounting hole size: 3mm

Package Included:

Stack HAT x1
Ribbon cable 40PIN x1
2×20 male pinheader x1
RPi screws pack (4pcs) x1

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