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BF-KT4 is suitable for various water level control occasions, such as water level display and control of roof water tanks in hotels and dormitory buildings, water level display control of water towers, and well water pumping control in municipal applications. 4 levels of water level can be set to control the water in the water tank; users can set the full water level and make-up water level freely; with water shortage and anti-dry burning to ensure t household output, when the water level is below 30% protection output Three-digit digital water volume percentage display and five-level water column display the current water level visually. Can control water shortage or full water pumping, with manual water supply control function.
Wide field power supply design, can work adaptively between AC80V ~ 240V power supply, stable, reliable and durable.

The main function

1.A set of water level sensor input, can detect 4 levels of water level
2. One channel of normally open and normally closed contact controls the water output, and two channels of anti-dry burning contact output
3.Automatic water feeding at low water level
4. Manually add water
5. Full and adjustable water levels
6. Water shortage and anti-dry burning function
7. Power-down memory protection function


Appearance size58 (length) x78 (width) x85 (height)
Installation size51 (length) x 71 (width)
Weight Net weight: 0.433kg Gross weight: 0.586kg
Working voltage and power consumptionAC90 ~ 250V 2W
Working environment-10 ~ 50
Display modeLED digital display
Inputa group of AT35-7 water level sensor input
1.- Normally open and normally closed contact output relay control Zhaoshang water solenoid valve; Normally open contact output control of two relay relay controls water shortage and prevents dry burning
 2. The current capacity of each contact is 6 amps for resistive load and 1 amp for inductive load. It can control 1000W electric heating or 200W motor or water pump. Larger loads need to be expanded with AC contactors.
Measuring range0%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
Full water level setting range30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
Make-up water level setting range0%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
Control rangewater shortage, 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
Other parameters
1. The signal line of the water level sensor can be extended with a common wire for a long distance, the effective range is 100 meters 2. Set the parameters to keep the memory for a long time after power failure.

Package includes:
1 x  host
1 x AT35-7 water level sensing line
1 x Water Level Adapter Board Waterproof Cover
1 x M29 water level adapter board
1 x English manual
1 x  fixed bracket
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