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- UPS-18650 is a specially designed for the Raspberry Pi (hereinafter referred to pi) designed UPS power supply, supports      the following board models, using a new installation.
- Easy to install, integrated with raspberry pie. Adopt two standard 18650 lithium batteries for power supply, support external power plug-in detection, support edge.
-  Charge filling put, both plug in the external power supply, pi by the external power supply unplug the external power supply, pi turn by the lithium battery. UPS-18650 through 10.
- The high-current thimble is connected with the pi motherboard, and all the pi without using the microusb data cable is connected to the UPS-18650 when in use. In addition UPS-18650 also integrates.
-  Industry fuel gauge chip MAX17040G, RTC real-time clock chip DS1307Z +, USB-to-UART serial chip CP2104, power indicator,As well as an extra 5V output for external use.
Charging current: max 1A  5V
Output current: max 3A 5V (when using two 3300mAh 18650 lithium batteries or external power adapter power> 5V3A)
Measurement: the percentage of battery output, error ± 1%, voltage measurement error of ± 3mV
Package Included:
1 x UPS 18650 Power Extension Board

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