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UPS uninterrupted power supply
High efficiency boost with load 12W
Two-cell series balanced charging
Support charge management protection function
Support lithium battery protection function

Supported functions:
Charge control
Lithium battery protection
Boost protection
SW switch (hard control)
Various protections such as overvoltage and overcurrent short circuit
Balance charge
UPS two-way seamless switching type charging and discharging
Unsupported functions:
Power input reverse connection protection
Output enable control (soft control signal trigger output)
Output intelligent control (timing, delay, cycle on and off, etc.)
Input power voltage: 12V / 9V
Long-term load capacity: 12W
Battery: double-cell series
Default charging current: 900mA-1A
Charging indicator: Yes
Output indicator: Yes

1. Install the battery according to B + B- marked on the module. 7.2V battery pack is not applicable.
2. Reserve 1A for the selected power supply (requires 1A for charging while the power supply is loaded), such as 12V1A load, please use 12V2A for power supply.
3. Because there are many types of protection functions, when the test encounters no output, please try to re-activate the output after connecting the power.
4. The power should not be reversed.
5. When soldering a soldering iron, need to ground it.

Package includes:

1 x UPS Power Module

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