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DC Power Supply Voltage:4.5V-5.5V
Operating Temperature : -40- 85 °C 
IO Drive : Sink Current (Low level drive) 20mA,source current(High level drive) 270uA 
16 Channel selectable high and low level output. 
8 kinds of Mode selection
PCB Size : 50 x 20 mm
This decoding module is for mobile and fixed telephone voice dialing decoding function , has 16 channels, 8 kinds of selectable output function, and leads to STD signal to use as a microcontroller interrupt signal, very convenient to embed all kinds for mobile and fixed telephoneremote remote control, remote control decoding key value. 12 channels outputs decode mobile and fixed telephone keys (0-9, * #).Another 4 channels output(ABCD) can use "DTMF Dial" Software control.
Package Included: 
1 x 16 Channel DTMF Decoder Module
1 x Male to Male Audio Cable (3.5mm jack )

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