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The three-person voter consists of a 3-8-bit decoder (74HC138) and two 4-input NAND gates (74HC20). User input is received through three buttons. Press the button to agree; press not to reject. When no one presses the button, or only one person presses the button, for example, S1 is pressed, but S2 and S3 are not pressed, the red light is on, the green light is off, and the buzzer is silent, indicating no. When two or more people press the button, for example, S1 and S2 are pressed, the red light is off, the green light is on, and the buzzer sounds to indicate passing.
Power supply voltage: 4.5-5.0V (DC voltage)
Board size: 4.0 * 5.5cm

Component nameQuantityComponent nameQuantity
Resistance 330Ω25mm Red LED1
Resistance 2K15mm Green LED1
Resistance 10K374HC138 in-line chip1
Triode 9013174HC20 in-line chip1
Tap the button114P 1C1
KF301-2P terminal block116P 1C1
5V active buzzer1PCB Board1
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1 x Soldering Practice Parts

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