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The safe anti-theft safety circuit, theft of thieves, fire and smuggling can be alarmed by alarm to prevent loss in time.

Working principle

Y1 vibration sensor (piezoelectric sensor)
BZ mercury switch sensor
RT temperature sensor
2. Detection circuit

(1) Pry detection alarm circuit
When the safe is subjected to vibration, the piezoelectric sensor Y1 will sense the voltage signal, which will be amplified by VT1 and then amplified, and will be transmitted to pin 3 of the dual D trigger U5. foot.
(2) sport detection alarm circuit
It can detect whether the safe is tilted due to moving. When tilting occurs, the mercury sensor BZ is turned on, and a high-level signal is transmitted to pin 5 of the OR circuit U3.
(3) Flame cutting detection alarm circuit
The thief opened the safe by means of flame cutting, the thermistor RT detected a temperature rise, and the comparator U4 output a high-level signal to transmit to the 4 pin of the OR circuit U3.
3.Three OR gate circuit
As long as one of the A pins of U3 is high, its "6" pin outputs a high level and charges capacitor C9 through D4 and R11. The voltage of the "11 ~ 13" pins of B or gate of U3 increases Then make "10" pin output high level.
4. Sound alarm circuit
The high level of pin 10 of U3 turns on the transistor VT2, the relay JK1 engages, and the alarm signal BL1 sends a warning signal (local alarm); the base of the transistor VT3 becomes high because of the relay JK1's attracting ( When the relay JK1 is not activated. The triode VT3 base is extremely low level), VT3 is turned on, JK2 is activated, and the alarm device BL2 issues an alarm signal (remote alarm). As long as there is one of these signals, a loud alarm can be issued and delayed for a period of time.

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1 x Alarm Electronic Competition Training DIY Kit

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