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This is a multifunctional module kit based on Arduino development board. Each module has one function, such as touch-sensing, measuring temperature, playing MP3 songs and so on.
According to the design concept of the electronic building blocks, the module has a standard interface, standard mounting holes. You can quickly and successfully complete the development of Arduino projects with the Arduino board, IO Expansion Shield, breadboard wires and Arduino program. It can help the designer greatly speed up the progress of the invention or the scheme design.
The kit is compatible with Arduino UNO R3 / Mega2560 R3 / Leonardo R3.
Package includes:

1 x IO Expansion Shield
1 x Serial MP3 Player module
1 x 4-Digit Display module
1 x RTC module without CR1220 battery
2 x Touch Sensor module
1 x Touch Sensor(T) module
1 x Light Sensor module
2 x Water Sensor module
2 x Rotary Angle Sensor module( White+Black )
1 x DS18B20 Temperature Sensor module
1 x Voltage Sensor module
2 x LED module
1 x Buzzer module
1 x MicroSD Card Adapter module
1 x PS/2 Adapter module
1 x 40P Female-to-Female Bread Board Wires (20cm)
1 x Box

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