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1. The data will be saved automatically every 5 seconds after the setting is changed. The data will be extinguished all the time when the data is saved, and the data will be saved several times because the factory data will be saved for the first time. Power or make other settings and operations! If the power is changed immediately after the change, the changed data will not be saved. Please know! 
2. Ultra-small size stereo level lights, light bar can be adjusted to rise, the rate of decline and peak lamp residence time, the rate of decline. Each lamp set up a separate current limiting resistor,     Ensure the same brightness of the different color lights ,Signal input through the op-amp isolation,Avoid single-chip high frequency interference AUDIO
1. The minimum volume, PCB the size of 80 * 14mm LED module area : 58 * 14mm
2. The feature-rich, user can freely adjust each light bar and the main peak of the real speed of light, with the most suitable for their own display
3. Audio input through the TI original signal isolation, the maximum to avoid the single-chip high-frequency interference to an audio circuit in series
4. different colors of light alone provided a current limiting resistor. Guarantee a perfect match.
5. This level lamp Have standard display mode and Wide range of automatic gain control(AGC)Mode 
6. Operating Voltage: 7v-12v 100MA
7. Colors: 7 Green + 2 orange + 3 red
Important Note:
1. MCU in the sampling time-sampling, so that there is dual-channel simultaneous parallel input signal changes fast, the amplitude of the two light bar display may vary, this is a normal situation.
2. In extreme cases, there may be very slight high frequency noise. Recommended to replace the signal input line head position as dual-core shielded cable.
3. Operating voltage: 7-12v current can work in more than 100MA. Prohibited or voltage exceeds 12v positive and negative reversed, whether the person will cause light damage level
Display Effect:
1. strip show+ after peak travel whereabouts
2.  strip show after+ the disappearance of the peak travel
3. The strip display + (no peak display)
4. The strip display + (One lights)
5. The strip display + (Two lights)
Setting Mode:
1. Brightness adjustment mode: There are three brightness adjustments, short press to set
2. Speed adjustment mode: There are 6-speed adjustment mode, short press to enter adjustment (not recommended to change the default value)
Package Included:
1x Mini Dual 12 Stereo Level Indicator Lamps Board

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