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Geiger Tube Parameters:
- Technical parameters: diameter 10±0.5mm
- Total length: 90±2mm
- Starting voltage: < 350V
- Recommended operating voltage: 380V
- Minimum plateau length: 80V
- Maximum plateau slope: 10%/80V
- Operating voltage limit: 550V
- Maximum background counting rate: 25 times / min
- Lifespan: > 1 x 10^9 pulse
- Medium temperature: -40℃ to 55℃
System Parameters:
- Powered by 5V power supply or by 3x 1.5V batteries; 4x 1.2V batteries, current: 12mA-30mA (batteries are not included)
- For the detection of 20mR/h ~ 120mR/h of gamma rays and 100 ~ 1800 off
variables / points / cm2 of the soft beta ray.
- Sound and light alarm
- Interrupt output interface: Through this interface, the module can be connected to an MCU and then displayed on the LCD. 
- Fit for Arduino 
- Size: 118 x 63mm 
- N.W.: 150g 
- Supports most Geiger tubes, including M4011, STS-5, SBM20 and J305. Geiger tubes with 330-600V operating voltage are supported. 
- Support a computer (host) to collect data, Matlab analysis, and processing. 
Package Included:
1 x Geiger Counter w/ LCD & Board
1 x Geiger Tube J305
1 x Power Cable 
- It is assembled and ready for use. 
- Batteries are not included in the package. 

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