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Ultra-small size stereo level lights, light bar can be adjusted to rise, the rate of decline and peak lamp residence time, the rate of decline. Each lamp set up a separate current limiting resistor, Ensure the same brightness of the different color lights, Signal input through the op-amp isolation, Avoid single-chip high frequency interference audio.

Custom 12 segments three colors LED light bar (7 green + 2 orange +3 red).
The rising speed and the falling speed of the light bar, the holding time and the falling speed of the peak can be adjusted separately.
Real-time mode and AGC mode selection (super wide range of AGC adaptive algorithm to ensure the best effect)
Small size, can be easily loaded into small case.
Single button operation.
Increased brightness adjustment function

Operating voltage: DC 7-12V
Operating current: 100MA  
Audio output: Connect front-end audio signal, disable power output
Light color: Green*7+orange*2+red*3
Board size: 80*14mm

Package included:

1 x Mini Dual 12 Level Indicator

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